TN Charter – Spearfish, Marlin and Ono

Acrobatic Marlin tries to turn In-Side-Out!
Acrobatic Marlin tries to turn In-Side-Out!

Today we had Tom and Logan from Tennessee out for a full day fishing charter. Logan is an experienced fisherman who is on the University of Tennessee Bass Fishing Team, so we were excited to see what he thought of Marlin fishing. The bite has still been very good but it slowed down a bit for the fleet today – luckily not for us!

We started off the day with two quick Spearfish bites that got away, but then around 11:00 AM we had a nice 200 LB Blue Marlin come and crash the short rigger bait! Luckily for Logan, it stayed on the line! He fought the fish to the boat in a few short minutes and handed off the Marlin to crew member Shawn Palmer’s hands, where the fish decided to put on a display of acrobatic jumps right behind the boat!

Then we were on our way home and managed to hook a deep water Ono for their dinner that night, to end another great day on “The Anxious”, in Kona-Hawaii!
Brian Schumaker
Anxious Fishing  6/18/16

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