Ladies Luck

Captain Isaacs, the ANXIOUS and Lady Luck continue to be a great combination. Dena Demboski scheduled 2 days fishing on the Anxious for her and her friend, Leila.  Dena has caught most of the different billfish, with the exception of the blue marlin, and she came to Kona to accomplish that. The first day was exciting with 2 marlin hooked, but both jumped and threw the hook.  Day 2 worked out much better, as around 10:00 am the softhead lure on the short outrigger disappeared and a 250lb blue marlin begin jumping back and fourth behind the boat.

Leila with her fish – & Brian, Dena with her fish & Brian

Leila was first in the chair and fought the marlin to the boat in about 30 minutes and then we released it. This was Leila’s first fish of any kind; not bad for a pure novice (hooked for life now).

Dena was rewarded for allowing her friend to go first, as within the next hour we hooked a 2nd marlin. Dena, with her experience, had the 350lb blue marlin to the boat in about 15 minutes. They were able to get good pictures of the marlin in the water beside the boat before it was released.  Just to finish off the day, Dena caught a 30lb mahi for supper!

The ladies with their luck are welcome anytime.

Capt. Neal Isaacs  –  Brian Schumaker
Aug. 2017
Anxious Fishing